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 in Travel!






Why use me as your Travel Designer?  Because you can take advantage of my firsthand travel knowledge. 

I have 33+ years of travel industry experience. 


Planning can be complicated and time consuming.  I have the time, knowledge, skills, and partnerships to plan your dream trip.


Creating a journey that is memorable, relaxing, and enjoyable for the ultimate vacation experience. 


One would think, that if they booked their trip on their own, they could save money, but in reality, the resorts and other various travel companies just pocket that money!  


Well, *SURPRISE* you do not pay me, as my earnings come directly from the resorts/travel providers that compensate me based on their defined travel agent rates. 


I do the work for you, so you can focus on how best to fit everything into your suitcase and have the best possible time!

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Cheeky Black Sheep Travel Designer

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